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In the last two months, the residential elevator and accessibility markets have changed dramatically with the surprise closing of two of the nation’s largest manufacturers; ThyssenKrupp Access and Cemco/Otis at Home.  Both of these companies have ceased operations and will no longer be producing equipment.

However, United Elevator Services is prepared to handle your elevator and accessibility product replacement needs.  We have hydraulic and winding drum units that use the same rail backing configuration as the Access Destiny Elevators and both of the LEV rail systems. We can also fit similar products into hoistways designed for Otis at Home OAH 750 and OAH 950 elevators. In the accessibility line-up, we have quality products from one of the world’s best-known accessibility manufacturers, Garaventa, to meet your vertical and incline platform needs.

We will be happy to personally assist you with converting your drawings and specifications with comparable products on existing and future products. Whether it is commercial or residential, our experts can assist you with a seamless change in products to meet your clients needs.  Best of all, there should be no change in pricing with the new equipment.

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