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We are continuing to make great strides since our most recent spotlight on the Nashville Branch. United Elevator Services’ rock-solid reputation as one of the fastest growing independent elevator contractors in Southeast has allowed us to navigate the challenges these past few years have brought forth as customers are looking for a construction, modernization, and service and repair provider who not only delivers a competitive product but also one they can count on to have their backs in times of need. With our great team of mechanics and helpers (with excellent support from the parts dept. and Knoxville office staff) we are continuing to see the opportunities that a well-established branch should see. The difference is at United Elevator Services, we capitalize on opportunities to succeed; not only to just get to the next project without delay, but also to satisfy our customers with the quality and skilled workmanship they expect from UES.

Early last year Randy Smith set out to find a new location for our Nashville branch to grow into. Part of this was motivated by localized flooding which prompted us to look for not only a drier space but also one which will allow us to continue to capitalize on our continued long-term growth within the Nashville market. What we found was a place which checks all the boxes.

To delve into some specifics, we have increased our overall space 75% from our previous location going from roughly 2000 to 3500 square feet. Our new location has abundant parking for all current vehicles (helpers, vans, trucks, office staff) and will be for adding additional staff over the next 5-years or longer. We have increased our office space from 2 to 4 full-time offices, an additional restroom, an IT closet area, and a dedicated conference/training room which will serve primarily for weekly safety trainings and a library for industry literature. The warehouse space has also increased significantly. By adding roughly 700 square feet to the warehouse, we now have an organized space for small parts, electronic components, tools, and testing devices. In addition, we can store up to three residential/accessibility jobs comfortably or use some of this space to stage heavy repair/modernization projects as they rotate through plus additional space for our forklift.

Our location has improved substantially with regards to logistics. Aside from the fact we are no longer in a flood plain, our new space is situated between two prominent and easy entry/exits from Interstate 24. Within just a few minutes of the new shop, our Nashville field employees can access any one of the major arteries in the city and respond quickly and efficiently to requests not only locally but in the outer reaches of our territory.

As a bonus, our new shop/office space is owned by one of our more prominent service customers in Nashville. We are appreciative of the numerous elevators and lifts they have trusted UES in servicing over the past 12 years and we felt it was important to do business with those who do business with us. We are optimistic of the long-term positive impact for our current relationship and future opportunities as they present themselves.

We are excited to move ahead with the next phases of our base in Middle TN and look forward to hitting the ground on upcoming new installation and modernization projects which will be starting up within the next few months. Thanks to great leadership, we have been able to make tremendous strides along the path in our 13th year in Middle TN and we look forward to the new and exciting opportunities that will come our way as we continue to work with excellent people and gain more experience. We know the key to growth across our company is to continue to provide the best customer service in our areas and it starts with everyone at United Elevator Services laying the groundwork to make this possible.