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What a concept!!!! Doing right by our customer. It is so refreshing to be part of a team of individuals who really do believe in customer service. When I was discussing joining the team with David and John, I heard about the great people and customer service culture here at United Elevator services. I have heard that before and am pleasantly surprised at what I have experienced in my brief time as part of this talented team. You really do care about doing it right and taking care of the customer (Both internal and external).

I have been here since December 1st, 2021. Prior to that I served 6 years in the United States Navy as an Aviation Fire Control Technician working on A-7 Corsairs and A-6 intruders. Most of my time was spent at sea when my squadrons deployed aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Abraham Lincoln. After the Navy I worked in sales at a collection agency in Indiana. In 1999 I was hired by Otis elevator serving in multiple sales positions in Indiana and South Carolina working my way up to General Manager of Knoxville-Nashville TN. In Knoxville I had the privilege of working with Alvin Huckaby and Lori Gibson. After 5 years in Tennessee, I transitioned to GM of Pensacola FL, Orland FL, Tampa FL and two different periods as a regional sales manager. After 20 years with Otis, I transitioned to GM of the Tampa branch for Schindler Elevator. My last position was here in Chattanooga as branch manager at Hoist and Crane Service Group. Since day one here at United Elevator Services my experience has been nothing but exceptional. You have been incredibly supportive helping me navigate the processes and systems while I learn how we do business here at United Elevator Services. Thank You!!!

As I am out visiting with existing customers, I always ask what sets us apart from our competitors and why they use our services. The overall theme of their reply is that we do what we say we are going to do. We show up, do maintenance, communicate, and give great customer service.

The other day I spent the morning with two members of the team at a large customer that we just signed back up for four years after a horrible experience with one of our competitors last year. The relief she was expressing about not having to deal with their previous provider was palpable. The discussion we had was highly informative setting the expectations of how she expects the next four years will significantly increase her ability to deliver great customer service to her customers. The customers experience with this company in the past was instrumental in the decision to re-bid the elevator maintenance agreement early to make a change for the better.

Let me share another example of great customer service. One of our customers here in Chattanooga needed a CAT 5 test on an MRL traction elevator that is the only elevator in the building. This is the first CAT 5 test on this type of equipment here in Chattanooga. Chris Smith collaborated with the team to get the proper equipment and process manuals together then scheduled it with the customer. The goal was to have as minimal disruption to the customer as possible. The test had multiple issues that with teamwork (Chris Smith, Mike Paul & Reggie Kling) were able to completed by the end of the day with one minor problem. The car was stuck on the safeties… The next day the team re-grouped in the morning and produced a plan. By the end of the day the car was off the safeties and waiting on a door vane roller. The part arrived Monday morning but as usual in this business we received the wrong hand door lock roller.

To make things worse the proper part would be on back order until mid-March. During the discussion with the customer the delay would cause significant issue for a couple of employees that need the elevator to get to their workspaces. Chris decided to take the parts to a local machine shop and between the old and the new parts they were able to make a correct hand door vane roller. The elevator was running by mid-day. Our people and company culture set United Elevator Services apart from our competitors. Do not lose sight of the end goal. People who like where they work and buy into the mission of the company will support and deliver for their customers.

I enjoy coming to work every day and look forward to growing with this exceptional team in the years to come.

-Kent Solberg