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Example 1: School Administration Building

The original sales opportunity for this building presented itself as a malfunctioning obsolete hydraulic control valve replacement on 1 of the 2 elevators in the building. As we were investigating this repair, we identified that the pump was also obsolete, but was functioning properly at the time. Multiple meetings with the customer in their office and at the building led us to presenting a proposal for replacement of both obsolete power units. At that time, we also showed the customer the crowded machine room configuration that the elevators shared with some boiler equipment. We then offered the customer a premium price for a code approved solution that provided more access to the elevator equipment and the boiler equipment. The solution consisted of utilizing special sized Delaware power units and wall mounting the existing power unit mounted controllers. Unfortunately, there are no before pictures available, but take a look at the after pictures below and see what you think. FYI, the customer was thrilled with the results said we exceeded their expectations.

Example 2: Midtown Office Building

Our initial contact with this non-customer was when they called us to look at one of their 3 existing geared traction elevators (maintained by one of our competitors) that had been shut down for more than 6 months. We determined that all the parts necessary to return the elevator to service were readily available, except for the obsolete generator brush holder rod. We asked the customer if we could borrow one of the remaining brush holder rods to find a local fabrication source for a replacement. Within 1 week, we presented the customer with a relatively inexpensive proposal for returning their elevator to service. Either miraculously or coincidentally, the competitor found the necessary parts to return the customer’s elevator to service. As fate would have it, the customer decided to contract with us to maintain and modernize all 3 of their elevators. See the pictures below which were the results of us not making the original sale.