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When one customer sold their trading company to retire to Lake Loudon, they wanted to be sure they had three focal points to their new home; the wide spiraling staircase, the view of their wave pool and the lake, and a glass elevator in the entry way. When the General Contractor saw this, he knew exactly where to turn to and contacted United Elevator Services for a luxury, panoramic residential lift. Angela Long looked over the drawings and where the unit the architect had selected was nice, it did not have the “wow” factor the client was looking for so she suggested the Savaria Vue (

As you can see from the pictures (my apologies, they did not want the blue plastic removed yet) this indeed has a wow factor worthy of a 2.5-million-dollar home. The splayed corners on the hoistway and the car had a dynamic detail to the car that takes it away from the ordinary box design. The center opening gates with two side and two front openings add a level of sophistication of their own. The winding drum machine is mounted and hidden at the top of the structure. There are two cables on the drum that attach in the corners so they remain mostly hidden by the columns. The remotely located controller keep the living area uncluttered and clear.

The owner immediately agreed that Angela had found the perfect product for them! Originally, the manufacturer was supposed to send a factory technician to assist in our first installation but due to Covid restrictions, could not send anyone. Undaunted, our team lead by Superintendent Andy Brookshire with Lead Patrick Colletta and helpers Gabe Bunch and Jesse Mills took the challenge. As everything, absolutely everything, in the hoistway is visible and the delicate nature of the polycarbonate panels they had to carefully take their time to fit
and sometime cut to fit, components in to the shaft and platform. Adjusting the car to a smooth ride with a small corner post application had its moments but the result is quiet, smoot operation with perfect door operation.

This is not a product for every home but is one we look forward to installing more of this equipment where a special, luxurious unit is needed. Good job team!